The Faculty of Agro-Ecology was established in 2019. The faculty trains highly educated scientists, agronomists, silk agronomists, forestry engineers in 4 specialties and 1 bachelor degree in agro-ecological training:
  • Agrochemistry and soil science;
  • Plant protection;
  • Silkworm breeding;
  • Forestry and park gardening;
  • Agro ecology (bachelor degree)
They are widely involved in research and development in order to make effective use of their professional skills and improve their scientific and pedagogical experience in the vocational training courses provided in the curriculum. In-depth development of the ecological foundations of the agricultural sector of our country requires new approaches in the development of agro-ecological achievements, the implementation of effective and consistent reforms and the training of specialists, who will work in this field. To keep a constant interest in the level of production of young people in agriculture, including the state of ecological improvement of agriculture, to identify existing developmental problems, to develop their theoretical and practical solutions to the problems and solutions, to understand the ecological basis of the problems, to understand them, - recognizes the need to improve skills in the organization and management of enterprises, conducting systematic analysis, the effective use of computer technology and multimedia equipment in precise farming.
There are four departments in the faculty:
  • Department of Ecology;
  • Department of Forestry and parking farm;
  • Department of Silkworm breeding and Plant Protection;
  • Department of Agro chemistry and Soil Science.



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