The Faculty of Agronomy was established in 1930. The faculty trains agronomists of greenhouse with bachelor's degrees and specialists in 3 specialities:
  • Agronomy;
  • Selection and seeding of agricultural crops;
  • Horticulture, fruit and vegetable growing;
  • Greenhouse Preparation Course (Bachelor).
In order to make effective use of the professional skills of teachers providing vocational courses in the vocational and training curricula, research is widely involved in the effectiveness of their work.
The introduction of new innovative technologies and research in all sectors of the national economy, including agriculture, requires the modern training of scientists and agronomists. Youth need to improve their skills in organizing and managing work in the enterprises of the agricultural sector, growing crops, and achieving high and sustainable yields.
There are three departments in the faculty:
  • Fruit, viticulture and vegetable farming,
  • Agriculture,
  • Selection and seeding of agricultural crops



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