John deere training center


Founded in 1996 as part of the Turkmen agricultural university named after S.A.Niyazov, the John Deere Training Center of the United States has been providing students with a range of techniques widely used in agriculture to provide higher education to students.
The introduction of digital technologies in mechanized work is also of great importance in the agriculture of our country. With the introduction of digital GPS and telematics navigation systems in agricultural machinery, it is possible to accurately keep track of the performance of agricultural machinery, to centralize the management of machinery, to improve the productivity of the machinery, and to increase the efficiency of the agricultural work.
They include: John Deere 9970 and 9970M cotton harvesters; The John Deere T560 belongs to the grain harvester.
These combine harvesters offer cotton and grain harvesting technology, training in the structure, operation, preparation and maintenance of the combine, as well as management. In addition, the simulator has the opportunity to learn the skills of students in harvesting grain, maize and soybeans.
John Deere 6125, 6155, 6195 series tractors with a John Deere reduction of 3810 turns have regular classes to explain to the students the work of driving, management skills, the structure and operation of those tractors.
A wide range of multimedia boards at the John Deere Training Center, designed to give students a theoretical lesson, provides clear opportunities to further enhance their knowledge by cutting out the originals of the engines, gearboxes, and the cut-out interior.
Under the agreement signed between Turkmen Agricultural University and John Deere International GmbH, foreign experts are teaching students of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization of Turkmen Agricultural University John Deere Agricultural Products and the latest technology. In this study, foreign experts will study the digital telematics system, the structure, operation, operation of tractors of the type 6195M, 8235R used in agriculture in our country, the features of technical care, the structure, operation, maintenance, operation, operation of the 9970 cotton harvester. They teach lessons on the features of the structure, operation, equipment adjustment, and technical care of combine harvesters. These trainings will give a great impetus to the training of high-level specialists who will work in agricultural production.



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