Mechanization of agriculture


The Faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture was established in 1941. The faculty trains professional agricultural engineers for three specialities:
  • Mechanization of agriculture;
  • Mechanization of meliorative works;
  • Agriculture (training of engineering teachers).
In order to make effective use of the professional skills and improve their scientific and pedagogical experience of the teachers, who teaches the courses, provided in the curricula of the preparatory areas, they are widely involved in research. Powerful equipments of such companies as Komatsu, Caterpillar, MTZ, tractors of John-Deere, Case, CLAAS and trucks of KAMAZ, ZIL, GAZ and other equipments in water management are widely used in Turkmenistan. The construction and quality of these machines meet modern requirements, but their structures are difficult and expensive. Therefore, a careful approach to their maintenance, a light and thorough repair is required, which raises the need to improve their skills in the efficient use of their equipment.
There are six departments in the faculty:
  • Department of Applied Mechanics;
  • Department of Agricultural Machinery;
  • Department of using and repairing of agricultural machinery;
  • Department of Electrification and Automation of Agriculture;
  • Department of Tractors and Cars.



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