Veterinary medicine


Faculty of Veterinary medicine established in 1930. Currently, the faculty trains 1 specialist and 4 bachelors:
  • Veterinary medicine (specialist)
  • Zootechnics (bachelors)
  • Equestrian (bachelors)
  • Industrial fishing (bachelor)
  • Cynology (bachelor).
Great work done at our university to ensure that the young students of our faculty grow up to be highly qualified professionals. In order to develop their professional skills, effectively organize their educational activities and to improve their scientific and pedagogical experience, the teachers of the vocational courses provided in the curricula of the professions and training courses are actively involved in research. The introduction of new technologies in animal husbandry, industrial fishing and cynology of our country, the radical reforms in these areas require new approaches to the training of veterinarians, zootechnicians, equestrians, industrial fishers. To acquire the basic knowledge of the relevant specialties of the young student, to take advantage of the latest achievements of science and technology in this area, to organize and manage the work in digital technologies in livestock and fodder complexes, fisheries, “Turkmen Alabay dogs” economic societies, relevant institutions and enterprises. Recognizes the need to conduct systematic analytical work and improve computer-technical skills.
Nowadays there are 4 departments in the faculty:
  • Animal husbandry;
  • Epizootology and parasitology;
  • Diagnostics and treatment of animal diseases;
  • Social sciences;



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