Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Research and Production Center

In accordance with the Decision of the President of Turkmenistan on January 29, 2019, the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Research-Production Center was transferred to the S.A. Niyazov Turkmen Agricultural University.
Livestock and Veterinary Departments, as well as "Epizootology" and "Wool and Leather" laboratories operating in economic accounting (pay-your-way) are operating in the scientific-production center. The purpose of research conducted here is to maintain and improve the gene pool of various types of agricultural animals in the country, to create new high-yielding groups of them through selection, to develop safe methods of protecting animals from various diseases, to create new veterinary drugs and to put them into production.
The production of veterinary drugs is carried out in the "Epizootology" laboratory. In this area, a sufficient amount of the vaccine against the especially dangerous and infectious brucellosis of cattle, antigens for diagnosing this disease is produced every year, and livestock households of the country are fully supplied with these bioassays. Also, scientific work was carried out on the development of a capsule-free spore vaccine against the particularly dangerous infectious charbon. As a result, the biotechnological steps of vaccine preparation were developed. Work was carried out to determine the quality indicators of the vaccine in laboratory animals and it was proved that it meets the requirements (standards). Currently, clinical trials are being conducted under industrial conditions to introduce the charbon vaccine into production.
The "Wool and leather" laboratory receives a regular license (Attestat certificate) to carry out tests on wool and leather raw materials by the "Türkmenstandartlary" state service. This means that the laboratory has been approved as a test laboratory of the main state service "Türkmenstandartlary". Thus, the laboratory issues relevant documents (test statements and certificates) about whether wool and leather raw materials produced and sold by entrepreneurs and state institutions in the country meet the requirements of Turkmen state standards or not.
Analyzing high-productivity cross-breeds of egg and meat type brought from abroad to the poultry complexes built and used in the regions of the country, studying the grass-feed ration, productivity, viability of meat- and egg-type crossbred chickens in local conditions, their age on the basis of local fodder, research work on formulation of new feeding rations based on productivity is being carried out. Also, scientific work is being carried out on the development of substitutes for food supplements bought from foreign countries using local herbs.
The students of the University actively participate in the research activities conducted at the center, and tutorial activities are carried out regularly. This contributes to the formation of qualified, perfect and capable specialists in their field in the future.



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