Textile production


The Textile Production Faculty was established in 1995 as part of the Faculty of Agricultural Processing and became an independent faculty in early March 2010 in accordance with the efforts of the President to radically develop and improve the education system. The faculty trains engineering technologists in the following specialties:
  • Handling cotton;
  • Spinning technology of natural fibers;
  • Fabric production;
  • Clothing technology.
The faculty has three departments: Handling cotton, Textile production, Clothing production which employ a number of experienced teachers. Students are diligently studying the techniques of cotton fiber making, yarn spinning, fabric weaving, and the construction of various garments sewn. In order to improve the professional skills of the trained specialists, to improve the quality of the courses and to integrate theoretical training with production, and to increase the interest of our student in the national art of sewing, the faculty is engaged in sewing, carpet weaving and weaving. Production coordination has been established. Under the leadership of our esteemed President, in the prosperous epoch of powerful state, a number of modern enterprises and textile complexes have been built in our country in various fields of textile and light industry. The main goal of the faculty is to provide the textile industry complex with highly educated, national specialists.



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